What is the legality of psilocybin in Chile?

Is psilocybin legal in Chile?

In Chile, psilocybin, the psychoactive compound found in certain species of mushrooms, is considered an illegal substance. While the mushrooms themselves are not explicitly mentioned in Chilean drug laws, the consumption, sale, and possession of psilocybin-containing mushrooms can lead to criminal penalties due to the presence of the illegal compound.

What are psilocybin mushrooms called in Chile?

Psilocybin mushrooms are commonly referred to as hongos mágicos or magic mushrooms in Chile. The most common species found in the country is Psilocybe cubensis, also known as hongos alucinógenos or hallucinogenic mushrooms.

What are the psilocybin mushrooms cultivation regulations in Chile?

Although the cultivation of psilocybin mushrooms is not explicitly addressed in Chilean drug laws, it is likely that cultivating these mushrooms would be considered illegal due to the presence of the controlled substance, psilocybin. As a result, individuals who are found to be cultivating psilocybin mushrooms may face legal consequences.

What are the laws and penalties regarding psilocybin in Chile?

Chilean drug laws classify psilocybin as a psychotropic substance and its possession, sale, and consumption are subject to criminal penalties. The specific penalties for psilocybin-related offenses can vary depending on the circumstances, such as the amount of the substance involved and whether it was intended for personal use or sale. Some possible penalties include:

  • Personal use: Possession of small amounts of psilocybin for personal use may result in a fine, mandatory drug treatment, or community service. However, repeat offenders or those found with larger quantities may face more severe penalties.
  • Sale or distribution: Individuals involved in the sale or distribution of psilocybin may face imprisonment, fines, and other penalties.
  • Cultivation: As previously mentioned, cultivating psilocybin mushrooms is likely to be considered illegal, and those found to be engaging in this activity may face legal consequences.

What helpful links, government laws, and resources are available regarding psilocybin in Chile?

For more information on psilocybin and drug laws in Chile, the following resources may be helpful:

  • Ley 20.000 (Chilean Drug Law): This law regulates the possession, sale, and consumption of controlled substances, including psilocybin, in Chile.
  • Servicio Nacional para la Prevención y Rehabilitación del Consumo de Drogas y Alcohol (SENDA): This national agency is responsible for drug prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation in Chile and provides resources and information related to drug use and addiction.
  • Erowid Psilocybin Mushroom Law Vault: This website offers a comprehensive overview of psilocybin mushroom laws around the world, including Chile.

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  1. As an expat living in Chile, I am acutely aware of the legal consequences of consuming psilocybin, a naturally occurring psychedelic compound found in certain mushroom species. My friend, who is also an expat here, recently had a harrowing experience when he was apprehended by the police for possession of these mushrooms. Although the act of possession is not a crime in Chile, the law requires that these substances only be used in strict compliance with the regulations of health authorities. Therefore, my friend was held in custody and subsequently fined for his actions. This serves as a stark reminder of the repercussions of disregarding the laws in place with regards to psilocybin.


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