What is the legality of gambling in Estonia?

What is the legality of gambling in Estonia?

Gambling in Estonia is legal and regulated by the Estonian Tax and Customs Board. The country has a well-established gambling industry, with various forms of gambling being available to locals and tourists alike. In recent years, Estonia has become a popular destination for gambling enthusiasts, thanks to its relaxed gambling laws and numerous casinos.

Is sports betting legal in Estonia?

Yes, sports betting is legal in Estonia. Both land-based and online sports betting are allowed, with numerous sportsbooks operating within the country. Estonians can place bets on a wide range of sports events, including football, basketball, tennis, and more. The country’s sports betting industry has been growing rapidly, with an increasing number of international sportsbooks entering the market.

Is online gambling legal in Estonia?

Online gambling is legal in Estonia and has been regulated since 2010. The country’s online gambling market is open to both domestic and foreign operators, provided they obtain the necessary licenses from the Estonian Tax and Customs Board. Estonian players can enjoy various forms of online gambling, including online casinos, poker rooms, bingo sites, and sports betting platforms.

How old do you have to be to gamble in Estonia?

The minimum legal age to gamble in Estonia is 21 years old. This age restriction applies to all forms of gambling, including land-based casinos, sports betting, and online gambling platforms. It is important to note that casinos and gambling operators in Estonia are required to implement strict age verification measures to prevent underage gambling.

What are the most famous casinos and games in Estonia?

Estonia is home to several well-known casinos, with the majority being located in the capital city of Tallinn. Some of the most famous casinos in Estonia include:

  • Olympic Park Casino
  • Grand Prix Casino
  • Casino 21
  • Olympic Casino Olümpia

These casinos offer a wide range of popular casino games, such as:

  • Slot machines
  • Roulette
  • Blackjack
  • Poker
  • Baccarat

Do you need a gambling licence in Estonia?

Yes, both land-based and online gambling operators are required to obtain a gambling license in Estonia. The Estonian Tax and Customs Board is responsible for issuing gambling licenses and overseeing the country’s gambling industry. To obtain a license, operators must meet a set of strict requirements, including financial stability, integrity, and transparency. Additionally, operators must implement measures to prevent money laundering, fraud, and underage gambling.

Is there a gambling tax in Estonia?

Yes, gambling operators in Estonia are subject to gambling taxes. Land-based casinos and gambling establishments are required to pay a monthly gambling tax based on the number of gaming tables and slot machines they operate. Online gambling operators are subject to a 5% tax on their net gaming revenue. It is important to note that gambling winnings are not taxed in Estonia, meaning players do not have to pay any tax on their winnings.

Links and resources on gambling legality in Estonia

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  • Estonian Tax and Customs Board – Gambling Taxation in Estonia
  • Gambling Act of Estonia
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In conclusion, gambling in Estonia is legal and well-regulated, with numerous casinos and gambling establishments operating within the country. Both land-based and online gambling are allowed, provided operators obtain the necessary licenses. Estonia’s relaxed gambling laws and thriving gambling industry make it an attractive destination for gambling enthusiasts.

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  1. I recently experienced a rather unpleasant situation in Estonia, where a friend of mine engaged in an illegal gambling activity. Though he was unaware at the time that his actions were unlawful, the consequences of his actions have been quite dire. According to the Estonian Gambling Act, it is illegal for anyone to organize or participate in a game of chance or a game of chance with a monetary prize. Fortunately, we have since been able to obtain legal advice as to the applicability of this Act in our specific situation. It is my hope that this serves as an example and a warning to others to ensure that they are fully aware of the legalities of gambling before engaging in any activities of this nature.


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