What is the legality of gambling in Azerbaijan?

What is the current legal status of gambling in Azerbaijan?

Since 1998, gambling has been largely illegal in Azerbaijan, with the exception of a few state-controlled lotteries. The ban was put in place by the government in response to concerns about social and economic issues related to gambling addiction. Despite this, underground gambling activities and illegal casinos still operate within the country.

Is sports betting legal in Azerbaijan?

As with most forms of gambling, sports betting is also illegal in Azerbaijan. However, there are a few exceptions, such as state-run lotteries and horse racing. The latter is regulated by the Azerbaijan Ministry of Youth and Sports, and it is legal for citizens to place bets on horse races. Nonetheless, underground sports betting activities still take place within the country.

What are the laws regarding online gambling in Azerbaijan?

Online gambling is also illegal in Azerbaijan, with the government blocking access to many online gambling websites. In recent years, there have been discussions about potentially regulating the online gambling industry to allow for more controlled and legal access, but no concrete plans have been implemented. As a result, many Azerbaijanis resort to using VPNs or foreign online gambling websites to bypass local restrictions.

What is the legal gambling age in Azerbaijan?

Since most forms of gambling are illegal in Azerbaijan, there is no official legal gambling age. However, for the few legal gambling activities such as horse racing and state-run lotteries, the minimum age for participation is typically 18 years old.

Which casinos and gambling games are most popular in Azerbaijan?

Before the ban on gambling, several casinos operated in Azerbaijan, with the most popular games being poker, roulette, and slot machines. Nowadays, underground casinos still offer these games, but they operate illegally and are often raided by law enforcement. In addition, some Azerbaijani citizens travel to neighboring countries like Georgia, where gambling is legal, to visit casinos and participate in gambling activities.

Are gambling licenses required in Azerbaijan?

Since most forms of gambling are illegal in Azerbaijan, there is no licensing system for gambling establishments. The few legal gambling activities, such as horse racing and state-run lotteries, are regulated by the government and do not require separate licenses.

What are the gambling tax regulations in Azerbaijan?

As gambling is mostly illegal in Azerbaijan, there are no specific tax regulations for gambling activities. However, winnings from legal gambling activities, like horse racing and state-run lotteries, are subject to income tax. For instance, lottery winnings above a certain threshold are taxed at a rate of 10%. It is important to note that illegal gambling activities can lead to significant fines and penalties for both operators and participants.

Where can you find resources and information about gambling legality in Azerbaijan?

For information about the legal status of gambling in Azerbaijan, you can consult the following resources:

  • The Law of the Republic of Azerbaijan on Lotteries: This law outlines the regulations for state-run lotteries in the country.
  • e-Qanun: This website contains the full collection of Azerbaijani laws and regulations, including those related to gambling.
  • Legislationline: This website provides an overview of the legal framework in Azerbaijan, including information on gambling laws.

In conclusion, gambling is mostly illegal in Azerbaijan, with a few exceptions like horse racing and state-run lotteries. Despite the ban, underground gambling activities persist, and many Azerbaijanis use VPNs or foreign websites to access online gambling services. The government has considered regulating the industry in the past, but no concrete plans have been implemented as of yet.

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  1. I had an interesting experience with gambling in Azerbaijan when I was backpacking. My friend had this great idea to try and win some extra cash while we were there. She found a casino and decided to try her luck. 🎰

    Unfortunately, it turns out that gambling is actually illegal in Azerbaijan. We had no idea and were suddenly surrounded by police. Thankfully, they just warned us and let us off without any charges. 😅

    It pays to do your research before heading into a country you don’t know well. Just another lesson learned while backpacking! 🤗

  2. Hey y’all,

    I’m an expat living in Azerbaijan and just wanted to share a story about gambling that I experienced. So I was out with some friends a few weeks ago and we decided to go to a local casino. We figured it was legit since they had a security guard at the door and all. Well, turns out it wasn’t legal! We were all immediately kicked out as soon as we stepped in. It was definitely a 🤦‍♀️ moment!

    Just a friendly reminder to be careful out there – make sure you know the law before you decide to gamble in Azerbaijan! 🙅‍♀️


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