What is the legality of cockfighting in Cyprus?

What is the legal status of cockfighting in Cyprus?

Cockfighting is illegal in Cyprus. It has been banned since 1994 when the country introduced the Animal Welfare Law. Despite the ban, cockfighting remains a prevalent underground activity in Cyprus, with numerous illegal gambling dens and private events being held across the island.

Can you provide an overview of cockfighting in Cyprus?

Cockfighting has been a part of Cypriot culture for centuries. Traditionally, it was considered a sport, with participants and spectators gathering to watch the fights, place bets, and celebrate victories. However, the modern-day practice of cockfighting in Cyprus is an illegal and cruel form of entertainment, often involving the abuse and suffering of the animals involved.

Underground cockfighting events are organized in secret locations, with participants and spectators often invited through word of mouth or social media. These events are typically held in private homes, warehouses, or secluded areas where there is a lower risk of being caught by the authorities.

Illegal gambling plays a significant role in cockfighting events, with large sums of money being bet on the outcome of the fights. This further encourages the organization of illegal cockfighting events in Cyprus.

How is cockfighting locally known in Cyprus?

Cockfighting is locally known as kogkoforia in Cyprus. This term is derived from the Greek words kogkos (rooster) and foria (fighting), directly translating to rooster fighting.

What are the laws and penalties regarding cockfighting in Cyprus?

According to the Animal Welfare Law of 1994, organizing, participating in, or attending a cockfight is illegal in Cyprus. The law also prohibits the possession, breeding, and training of roosters for the purpose of fighting. Penalties for those found guilty of violating the law can include:

  • Fines of up to €17,000 (approximately $19,000)
  • Imprisonment for up to three years
  • Confiscation of any birds or equipment used in the illegal activity
  • Prohibition from owning or working with animals for a specified period

Despite these penalties, the enforcement of the law has proven to be a challenge for authorities, as cockfighting events are often held in secret locations and are not widely advertised.

Where can I find helpful links, government laws, and resources related to cockfighting in Cyprus?

For more information on the laws and regulations surrounding cockfighting in Cyprus, as well as resources on animal welfare, you can visit the following websites:

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