Is cannabis legal in São Paulo?

Is Marijuana Legal in São Paulo?

In São Paulo, Brazil, marijuana is still considered illegal for recreational use. However, the country has been slowly moving towards the legalization of medical cannabis and decriminalization of possession for personal use. In 2006, Brazil’s drug law (Law 11.343) was enacted, which does not criminalize drug users but rather considers them to be individuals in need of healthcare and guidance.

What is the Public Opinion on Cannabis in São Paulo?

The public opinion on cannabis in São Paulo is quite diverse, with many people supporting the legalization of the drug for medical purposes. According to a survey conducted by the Brazilian Institute of Public Opinion and Statistics (IBOPE) in 2018, 54% of Brazilians support the legalization of marijuana for medical purposes. However, the majority of the population still opposes the legalization of cannabis for recreational use, with only 37% in favor.

How are Penalties and Enforcement Handled in São Paulo?

Although drug users are not considered criminals under Brazilian law, possession of marijuana for personal use can still result in penalties. Some possible consequences include:

  • Being required to attend educational programs about drug abuse
  • Participating in community service
  • Receiving a warning from the authorities

However, drug traffickers and those caught selling marijuana can face severe penalties, including imprisonment. The distinction between personal use and trafficking is often based on the amount of cannabis found in possession, the individual’s criminal history, and other factors.

What is Weed Called in São Paulo?

In São Paulo and throughout Brazil, marijuana is commonly referred to as maconha. Other slang terms used for the drug include erva (herb) and baseado (joint).

Is CBD Legal in São Paulo?

In 2015, Brazil’s health regulatory agency, ANVISA, approved the use of cannabidiol (CBD) for medical purposes. CBD is a non-psychoactive compound found in cannabis plants that has been shown to have various therapeutic effects. Patients who need CBD for medical reasons can apply for a special permit from ANVISA, which allows them to import CBD products from abroad.

Is Medical Cannabis Legal in São Paulo?

Although medical cannabis is not fully legalized in São Paulo, there have been significant steps towards its acceptance. In December 2019, Brazil’s health regulatory agency, ANVISA, approved regulations allowing the sale of medical cannabis products in pharmacies. However, the cultivation of marijuana for medical purposes is still prohibited, and patients must rely on imported products.

What are the Marijuana Cultivation Regulations in São Paulo?

Marijuana cultivation is still illegal in São Paulo, whether for personal, medical, or commercial use. Despite the increasing acceptance of medical cannabis in Brazil, the government has not yet approved the domestic cultivation of marijuana plants. Those caught cultivating cannabis can face criminal charges and severe penalties, including imprisonment.

What are Helpful Links, Government Laws, and Resources for Cannabis in São Paulo?

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