Is cannabis legal in Delaware, United States?

Is cannabis legal in Delaware, United States?

Yes, weed is legal in Delaware, but only for those with qualifying conditions. This means that Delaware has only legalized medical marijuana for medical use. Though a bill to legalize recreational marijuana was already submitted, it still hasn’t been signed and approved.

What is the public opinion on cannabis in Delaware, United States?

Public opinion on cannabis in Delaware is somewhat divided, with some residents supporting the legalization of recreational marijuana and others opposing it. A 2018 University of Delaware poll found that 61% of respondents supported the legalization of recreational marijuana, while 37% opposed it. Despite this majority support, efforts to legalize recreational marijuana in the state have not been successful so far.

What are the laws, penalties, and law enforcement regarding cannabis in Delaware, United States?

In Delaware, the laws and penalties for cannabis possession and distribution depend on the amount of marijuana involved and whether the individual has a medical marijuana card. The following penalties apply for cannabis-related offenses:

  • Possession of up to 1 ounce: Civil penalty of $100 for those 21 and older; possession by those under 21 is a misdemeanor with a fine of up to $1,000 and up to 6 months in jail.
  • Possession of more than 1 ounce: Misdemeanor with a fine of up to $575 and up to 3 months in jail.
  • Sale or distribution of any amount: Felony with a fine of up to $250,000 and up to 8 years in prison.
  • Manufacturing or cultivation: Felony with a fine of up to $250,000 and up to 8 years in prison.

Law enforcement in Delaware has been focusing on cracking down on larger-scale drug operations and distributors, rather than targeting individual users. However, possession of cannabis is still illegal without a medical marijuana card, and those caught with marijuana can face penalties.

What is weed called in Delaware, United States?

In Delaware, cannabis is often referred to as weed, marijuana, pot, or bud. These terms are commonly used across the United States to describe cannabis.

Is CBD legal in Delaware, United States?

CBD (cannabidiol) derived from hemp is legal in Delaware, as long as it contains less than 0.3% THC (the psychoactive compound in marijuana). The 2018 Farm Bill legalized hemp-derived CBD products on a federal level, and Delaware has not passed any laws to restrict the sale or possession of CBD products.

Is medical cannabis legal in Delaware, United States?

Yes, medical cannabis is legal in Delaware for patients with qualifying medical conditions. The Delaware Medical Marijuana Act, passed in 2011, allows patients with a valid medical marijuana card to possess and use cannabis for medical purposes. Medical marijuana is available through state-licensed dispensaries, also known as compassion centers.

Can I grow marijuana in Delaware, United States?

Currently, it is illegal to grow marijuana in Delaware, even for medical marijuana patients. All cannabis products must be obtained through a state-licensed dispensary. However, some advocates are pushing for changes to the law to allow home cultivation for medical patients.

What are the government laws and links about cannabis in Delaware, United States?

For more information about cannabis laws and regulations in Delaware, visit the following government websites:

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