Are guns legal in Hungary?

What is the legality of guns and firearms in Hungary?

In Hungary, the ownership and use of firearms are legal but highly regulated. Citizens must go through a stringent process to obtain a gun license, and the types of firearms available for civilian ownership are limited. Hungary has strict gun control laws in place to ensure the safety of its citizens and prevent the misuse of firearms.

How can one obtain a gun license in Hungary?

To obtain a gun license in Hungary, an individual must fulfill the following requirements:

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Pass a psychological examination
  • Complete a firearms safety training course
  • Obtain a medical certificate stating that the individual is physically fit to possess a firearm
  • Have no criminal record
  • Have a legitimate reason for owning a firearm, such as self-defense, hunting, or sports shooting

Once these requirements are met, the applicant can apply for a gun license with the local police department. The license must be renewed every five years, and the holder must undergo periodic medical and psychological evaluations.

What are the laws, penalties, and law enforcement related to guns in Hungary?

Gun laws in Hungary are enforced by the police and the National Tax and Customs Administration. The authorities have the power to conduct inspections and revoke gun licenses if the holder violates any laws or regulations. Penalties for illegal possession or use of firearms can include:

  • Fines
  • Imprisonment
  • Confiscation of firearms
  • Revocation of gun licenses

Carrying a concealed weapon is illegal in Hungary, and using a firearm in self-defense is only allowed in situations where the use of force is proportional to the threat.

What is the public opinion on guns and firearms in Hungary?

Public opinion on guns and firearms in Hungary varies, with some people advocating for stricter gun control laws, while others believe in the right to own firearms for self-defense and other legitimate purposes. However, due to the strict regulations and licensing requirements, gun ownership in Hungary is generally low compared to other countries.

What types of guns can be found in Hungary?

The types of guns available for civilian ownership in Hungary include:

  • Bolt-action rifles
  • Shotguns
  • Handguns
  • Some semi-automatic firearms (with certain restrictions)

Automatic firearms and military-grade weapons are prohibited for civilian ownership.

What are the rules regarding air rifles and airsoft guns in Hungary?

Air rifles and airsoft guns are considered firearms in Hungary and are subject to the same licensing requirements and regulations as other firearms. Individuals must obtain a gun license to own and use these types of weapons.

What are the gun ownership per capita and other gun statistics in Hungary?

According to the, there are approximately 3.6 firearms per 100 people in Hungary, which is relatively low compared to other countries. The majority of these firearms are legally owned, with an estimated 300,000 licensed gun owners in the country. The rate of gun-related homicides and other crimes is also low, indicating that Hungary’s strict gun control laws may be effective in preventing firearm misuse.

Which helpful links, government laws, and resources are available for understanding gun laws in Hungary?

For more information on gun laws in Hungary, the following resources can be helpful:

  • – Hungary
  • Hungarian Police – Firearms and Explosives Department
  • Act CXIII of 2011 on the Protection of Private Life and Personal Data (in Hungarian)
  • Act LIII of 1995 on the Control of Arms and Ammunition (in Hungarian)

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